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On-Demand Meat Delivery Software For Your Meat Shops

Get the meat delivery software for your offline business to promote your meat delivery business online with our meat delivery applications development software. The on-demand delivery software support for single meat delivery shops, supermarkets and food chain stores to enlarge your delivery services and business name to visible a wider number of online users.

Launch your own meat shop online, to deliver the meat and sea foods to a wider range of online customers with your white-label meat delivery app. Our meat delivery software solution to manage all types of meat may include beef, chicken, pork, and harm, etc. in your meat delivery business online. The meat delivery software development solutions help your business with real-time tracking, dispatch systems, online ordering, and delivery management.

Our meat delivery software solutions help the shop’s owner to deliver their meat to their customer’s doorsteps. This meat delivery app development software support for both iOS and Android for robust and innovative solutions supports the meat delivery business online. This meat delivery software is a powerful solution especially for entrepreneurs looking to launch a meat delivery business in a given target industry.

How Does Work Our Meat Delivery Software?

  • Search The Nearest Meat Shops

    Customer can search the nearest meat shops based on their location.

  • Customer Add To Cart

    Customer select the required meat like chicken, fish, beef, etc. to cart list.

  • Checkout Process

    Once the customer complete their order of meat online click to the checkout process.

  • Make Payment Online/Offline

    Meat shop confirm your orders, go the final step of payment gateway for online like credit, debit card and net banking, etc.

  • Delivery Partner Deliver The Product

    Meat shop owner assign the delivery boy to deliver the meat to customer doorstep.

  • Review And Rating

    Finally, the customer receive their orders go to the review page put review about their meat delivery services.

Why Our On-Demand Meat Delivery Software Best For Your Business?

Free installation

Meat ordering app can be seamlessly installed and set up to your system. Allow you to manage the complete software.


Our meat ordering software can be easily customizable according to your business needs.

Your own brand

You will get the meat ordering software in your own brand name and logo. Also get design and themes of your choices.

On-demand service

Our online delivery software is suitable for all on-demand services like meat, grocery, food, water, etc.

Admin Panel Features Of Our Meat Ordering App Development

Admin Dashboard

Admin can register with their name, phone number, and other details. Through this software admin can monitor the whole business.

Customer Management

Admin can enable to add or remove an active or inactive customer’s profile that can be a driver or a customer.

Manage The Analytics

Admin can manage the graphical representation of revenue generated in the past and sold meat, information about the inventory.

Manage The Shop Details

Admin can manage the meat shops details like name, address, and variety of non-veg’s edited by the shop owners.

Manage The Orders

Admin can manage the all kind of orders-in-process orders, past orders, delivered ones, and view the active customer.

Set Service Rate

Admin has the authority to set the service rate with other details like price and other details through the dashboard.

Cart Information

Admin can check the cart order information as well as active order and order cancel request can manage it accordingly.

Guide The Route

Allows the shop owner to highlight the shortest route for the delivery partners to deliver the meat safely.

Promo Code Management

Admin can manage the special offer and discounts are provided by the meat shop owner with promo code.

Customer App Features of Our Meat Delivery Software

Customer Dashboard

Customer can easily register with their name, contact number, and other details on the meat delivery app.

Edit The Meat List

Meat shop owner have access to manage, add, edit and remove the variety of meat as well as their prices in availability of their shop.

Manage Order List

Customer can explore all the details of orders like completed, rejected among the product price and other invoice details.

Select The Meat From The List

Customer to choose the required amount of meat in which amount of meat available on online and add to the cart.

Payment Gateway

All customer allow to pay home delivery of meat by using the cash payment option, or card payment options, etc.

Exciting Offers

Shops owner offer the discount the notification set to the customer, they are use this discount price until the valid date.

Schedule Appointment

Customers can schedule an appointment with nearest shop for any meat related service for their functions.

Use Filter Option

Customer can use this filter to search the required meat by entering its name, quantity, and prices and select it.

Add To Wishlist

Enable this feature to customer may select the favorite meat in the wishlist that can further be moved to cart.

Vendor Features Of Our Meat Ordering And Delivery Software

Shops Dashboard

Meat shops owner can easily registered with their shop name, contact number, and shops address and etc.

Accept/Reject Request

Vendor can accept or reject the new request from the customers based on availability meat on their shops.

OTP Verification

If your customer pay the online payment the vendor can authenticate their account via SMS notification.


Vendor can enable this advanced features the customers are easily find the nearest meat shops for their purpose.

Set Popular Category

Vendor can set and manage the list of popular meat categories are available at their shops to add cart.

Setting Options

Vendors are provided with advanced setting features using which they can set and manage delivery charge.

Set Cancellation Charge

If incase your customer cancel their orders via online vendor can set the cancellation charges for those orders.

Support Multi-Language

Vendor can enable to multi language support for their customer, because of meat lover are live in the global.

Order History

Vendors are monitor the number orders are completed, rejected, and enquire along with all completed invoice details.

Delivery App Features Of Our Meat Delivery App Software

Delivery Partner Profile

After filling the valid contact number, email address, the delivery partner can deliver the orders from one place to another.

Status Of Delivery Partner

To enable this features the delivery partner to mark their working status as available or unavailable in market.

List Of All Orders

Delivery partner allows them to get the complete list of all the meat orders that are going to be delivered.

Cash On Delivery

If the customer select the cash on delivery option, the delivery partner collect the payment after delivery the meat.

Wallet Transaction Request

Delivery partner can send to the transaction request to the admin for their earning amount transfer from wallet to bank account.

Delivery Message

Delivery partner successfully complete their task. After that notification send to the customer as well as vendor.

Technologies used in Meat Delivery Apps and delivery software

  • HTML5
  • Boostrap
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Yii1.5
  • Java
  • Object C

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