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Nectareon develops Loan Lending Apps for users to borrow money directly from lenders and also allows easy and fast finance options with EMIs.

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Loan lending system software custom development

At nectareon, the best loan lending app development company in India, we specialize in creating fintech and customer apps that run seamlessly on different platforms like the web, iOS and Android. We have experienced mobile app developers to build the perfect product for you, which will help improve your loan lending business by increasing your customer base. With the help of our loan lending app development service, your customers borrow money directly from lenders and it also allows easy and fast finance options.

Nowadays, loan lending is one of the most famous niches in the industry. There are multiple famous loan lending apps that have earned millions in this industry. Our on-demand loan lending mobile app development solutions are helping banks, Credit Unions and P2P lenders with highly scalable and robust loan lending app development services. Allow your customers to get access to all types of loan with the help of a custom-made loan lending app from our team of developers. Hire our mobile loan app development services now!

We enable your customers to get loans for all kinds of motives with the custom-developed loan lending app. Be it personal loans, commercial lending or private institute loans, with a loan system in place, loaners can submit a loan application and the concerned administrator can approve it following security checks. The online loan system custom software permits the lender to loan investment proposals on the website and will have the choice to view the loaners details, verified documents and contact information to discuss the terms of the project.

How Does Loan Lending App Works?

  • Simple Registration

    Both lenders and loan seekers must register on the app to use the loan lending app/platform.

  • Add Bank Details

    Laon lending app customers must then enter their personal details to verify their profile and add their previous bank details.

  • Lender Account Setting

    The loan lender will likewise add their bank details in order to conduct financial transactions.

  • Loan Request To Lender

    Borrowers can pick from one of the loan options that their preferred loan lender has to provide. To do this, they must submit a loan request to the lender with a justification for seeking the loan.

  • Approve/Reject The Loan

    The loan lender will approve it if he considers it appropriate; else, he may reject it. By comparing the number of advantages and interest rates, borrowers have a broad range of choices to select from.

  • Amount Transfer to Borrowers

    Both lender and borrower can complete the loan sectioning process online or in person by accepting all the terms and conditions. The funds will then be moved from the lenders' account to the borrowers' account.

Why Choose Our Loan Lending App Development Services?

Free Installation

The loan lending app can be seamlessly installed and set up in your system. Allow you to manage the complete system.


Our on demand loan lending app solutions can be easily customizable according to your business requirements.

Your Own Brand

You get the online loan lending system in your own brand name and logo. Also get design and themes of your choices.

On-Demand Service

Nectareon is very suitable for any on-demand services like food, water, flower telemedicine and car service, etc..

Borrower Panel Features Of Our Online Loan Lending App

Borrower Profile

The borrower can manage their profile information like name, location and can build a new loan application.

Borrower Application

A borrower can submit an application for a loan with details like loan amount, purpose and duration of submission.

Personalized Alerts

When borrowers have a lot of apps on their mobile, you should shoot the least possible notification to make them valuable.

Payment Log

Once a loan has been funded, the customer will want to know all the completed and pending payments through an app.

Application Management

The borrowers can view a list of loan applications submitted and check the status of the loan lending applications.

Loan Repayment

Customers should be able to pay via multiple payment methods such as UPI and e-wallets on loan lending systems.

Loan Lender Feature Of Our Loan Lending System

View Borrower Profile

A lender can view the profile of the borrower and their personal details along with the verified documents.

Loan Proposal Listing

A loan lender can see the number of listings with details like amount to borrow, loan purpose and duration of submission.

Loan Search By Lender

A loan lender can search for loan investment proposals (LIP) on the website using keyword and investment amount.

Credit Score

To improve customer expectations, your loan lending app needs to integrate credit score data using open-banking APIs.

Automating Or Scheduling Payments

You can go one step forward with loan repayments by enabling customers to enroll in auto payment through an app.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Giving access to the loan account with a password will only compromise the data security on the loan lending app.

Advanced Features of Loan Lending Software


We make sure delivery of an integrated support system in the loan lending apps that we design to develop.

EMI Calculator

Loan app customers are offered with the built-in EMI calculator feature to permit them to calculate the EMI amount.

Cloud Technology Integration

In a finance app, the information and its privacy for customers are of the utmost importance for loan lending software systems.

Secure Authentication

Because of the strict industry norms, KYC & AML need have become absolutely necessary. Here, user authentication is crucial.


To ease out the multi-factor authentication for the customers, we execute biometrics into the loan apps that we make.

Real-Time Alerts

The latest real-time updates like app data and those related to the EMIs, we combine these features in the loan lending app.

Technologies used in Loan Lending Mobile App Development software

  • HTML5
  • Boostrap
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Yii1.5
  • Java
  • Object C
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