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We develop custom telemedicine software that connects healthcare and patients for virtual consultations.

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Let patients connect with doctors remotely via telemedicine software. If you want to build the most reliable telehealth system? It’s the right time to start your online telemedicine business. Nectareon allows your patients/users to find and book the appointments with doctors from the respective clinics or hospital. Our telemedicine software of telehealth system offers a complete solution for patients/users to connect with the respective doctors on scheduled time. And this telemedicine software improve the patient outcomes and brings better medical practice to the doctors.

Using telemedicine software also grows the revenue of the medical hospital or clinic business not only reduce the patients travel time and cost. Here the patients are provided with a list of doctors from different respective fields within the hospital such as surgeon, general physician, specialist, etc. Our telemedicine software system allows patients to easily get connected with doctors and also share images and videos via telehealth system. The telemedicine app software development is highly beneficial for the patients as well as the doctors.

This telemedicine software platform makes it easy for the patients to consult with any specialist in just a few clicks via telehealth system app. whereas todays doctors can also increase the number of patients via telemedicine app software. We offers a readymade telemedicine software solution to launch your online telemedicine software for your clinic or hospital. In case, if you are looking customized telemedicine system solution, we have highly skilled developers and designers.

We are ready to develop your telemedicine software system that helps your patients avail medical service anytime from anywhere in the global. And our online telemedicine software is provided with three main roles such as doctor’s panel, patient panel and admin panel.

How the online telemedicine software works?

  • User login

    The patients/users have to sign up and login to your telemedicine software. Along with contact information and medical history of patient have their own profile maintained.

  • Search the doctors

    The patient can search the medical specialists based on the doctor reviews, ratings, and years of experience, etc. Then choose the suitable doctors and fix the appointment with that doctor available time.

  • Confirm or reject appointment

    Once the appointment is booked by the patient. The notification is sent to the doctor. According to their work schedule the doctor can either confirm or reject the appointment booking.

  • Appointment confirmation

    The doctor once confirm the appointment, an acknowledgement message it sent to the patient regarding their confirmed appointment booking date and time.

  • Online payment

    The patient has to pay for the medicine service using online payment via online telemedicine app software, after availing the medicine service.

  • Doctor consultation

    After the medical service the doctor receive the payment from the patient. Admin get some percentage of commission from the payment via telemedicine app software.

Why choose our telemedicine software?

Free installation

The telemedicine app can be seamlessly installed and set up to your system. Allow you to manage the complete system.


Our readymade telemedicine software can be easily customizable according to your business needs.

Your own brand

You get the online telemedicine system in your own brand name and logo. Also get design and themes of your choices.

On-demand service

Foodtro is very much suitable for any on-demand services like grocery, sweets & cakes, pizza, flower, etc..

Admin features of our telemedicine software

Admin dashboard

Admin is provided with a robust dashboard in our telemedicine software. They can monitor and manage the complete doctor and patient appointment booking.

General setting

General setting features of our telemedicine software include SMTP setting, language, currency, payment gateway integration, etc.


Admin receive a certain percentage of commission from the amount paid by the patient to the doctors via telemedicine software system.

Manage patients

Admin can manage the patient profile with all their medical reports. Also can enable and disable the patient’s reviews about doctors.

Manage doctors

Admin can monitor and manage the doctor’s profile with our telemedicine software. New doctor accounts can be created by admin and provide access to doctor.


Quick reports can be generated in our telemedicine system based on the number of patients booking, doctors consultation, etc.

Doctor’s features of our telemedicine software

Doctor’s profile

The doctor’s profile includes the doctor’s name, years of experience, photo, specialization, their hospital and clinic details, and patient feedback, etc.

Intuitive dashboard

In our telemedicine software, doctors are provided with an intuitive platform to maintain and manage the patient booking and consultation.


Doctors can have a view on the complete booking and scheduled work on the particular month in a visual layout on the calendar.

Message text

In our telemedicine software, patients and the doctors can get connected with each other via messaging platforms.


Doctors can view all the scheduled, rejected and later cancelled appointment booking with the patients in our telemedicine software.

Audio/video calls

Audio calls and video calls can also be scheduled by patients. Those audio and video calls history are listed under the calls section.

Patient’s app features of our telemedicine software system

Patient profile

In the telehealth system, it’s mandatory for patients to provide their profile name, image, gender, address, email, contact number, etc

Book appointment

Patient booking with the doctors are managed here with the doctors name, time and date of appointment in our telemedicine app.

Medical history

Patients can maintain their medical reports and their prescription record under this section. These records can be accessed by doctors.

Message text

A quick message can be initiated by the patients with doctors for any other support related to the medical service.


Patients can initiate either video calls or audio calls with the doctors on the scheduled booking time slot in our telemedicine software.

Reviews & ratings

Patients are allowed to provide ratings and reviews to the doctors based on their medical service availed in our telemedicine software.

Technologies used in web and mobile application

  • HTML5
  • Boostrap
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Yii1.5
  • Java
  • Object C

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