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Laundry Delivery Software & Dry Cleaning Management System

The laundry management solution helps them to give all kinds of services to customer’s doorsteps. The laundry delivery is the ideal solution that meets all the laundry requirements systematically. Promote your laundry business with a top-notch and functional online dry cleaning service app built with modern technologies to meet all your customer’s needs under the one roof. If you want to grab the online market opportunity and want to become the hero of the local community, the laundry delivery app helps you to generate revenue in no time.

Nectareon offers the most reputed laundry delivery management software which support the both mobile (android and iOS) and web platform. We provide the most convenient way to do laundry and dry cleaning management service for customers. You can improve your laundry business volume with our online delivery software system. We are the leading software, application and online delivery service provider of laundry business worldwide. Online Laundry Delivery software with any customization as per your requirement.

Take your dry cleaning and laundry business online with our laundry delivery app software and build a marketplace where you can engage with maximum customers. All you need to develop and execute the idea through which you can connect with maximum customers, and they can book for the service any time. Laundry delivery app software is built with cross-platform compatibility, so they are entirely user-friendly. Tired and approved, there is no better way to generate more business per days with your normal business. Run your laundry business like professional and transform your level from shopkeeper to laundry businessman.

How the online laundry and dry cleaning software work?

  • Customer login

    The customer register and login into laundry delivery software. The registration process includes verification proof details too.

  • Customer send request

    Customers send the requests for the laundry and dry cleaning service offered by the service provider.

  • Accept/reject the request

    The service provider accept or reject the request from the customers is based on their working schedule.

  • Pick/drop service

    Service providers after accepting the request, the delivery boy offers the pick & drop services to the customers through delivery software.

  • Customer provides reviews

    Your customers can provide reviews and rating based on the services provided by service providers.

Why choose our online laundry delivery software system?

Free installation

The laundry delivery app can be seamless installed and set up to your system. Allow you to manage the complete software.


Our readymade laundry delivery software can be easily customizable according to your customer needs.

Your own brand

You get the online laundry delivery software in your own brand name and logo. Also get design and themes of your choices.

On-demand service

Online laundry delivery software is very much suitable for any on-demand services like medicine, grocery, food, etc...

Features for admin panel of our laundry delivery software

Manage customer

Allows the admin t establish the orders, edit them for specific days, manage customers related data, etc.

Manage service providers

All the providers can be managed and view the information of all using a single command.

Advanced setting

From here admin can manage all the settings including language, currency, emails as per their needs.

Advanced backend system

Admin can generate reports, manage views, manage providers, and customers from the powerful dashboard.

Multiple payment system

App supports multiple payment integration modes, you can configure any of the as per your business needs.

Manage listing

A list of services of all businesses can easily monitored by the admin with a real-time tracking system.

Manage subscription

Admin monitored a detailed view of subscription plans mentioned with distribution times and quantity of products.

Earning details

Allows the admin to manage all the earning details of the each orders and finally admin assign the delivery boy commission.

Manage reviews

Admin can view the list of customers reviews that were delete and given the customer if they find it appropriate.

Features for customer panel of our online laundry delivery system

Customer signup

After signup themselves via social media account, customers get an account that can only accessed by an authenticated users.

Choose service

Customers can option to choose services for a specific date and time by mentioning the required quantity.

Push notification

Customers get updates for all the important events and orders through a push notifications or an email.

Booking history

The customers can go through and manage booking history within the app where they find all the completed services paid-list.

Service status

Customers are able to see the service status of the service provider to know the process has been reached.

Referral sharing

While promoting the app with a referral sharing option users can earn bonuses and discounts on the service charges.

Online payment

Customers can pay their service charge either online with a debit/credit card or a select cash on delivery.

Track the process

Customer can track the progress of their service in the customer front end panel. The status is updated an app.

Customer ratings

Your customer can provide rating and reviews based on the service done by the admin via laundry delivery software.

Features for service provider of our laundry management software

Account verification

Customer can login to the website, or app before all the service providers will have to be verified by the admin.

Service provider dashboard

Service provider can update name, service type, bank details and other bits of information with ease.

Request management

Service provider are given a dedicated dashboard to manage and view the requests they have completed and pending.

Switch mode

They are change the availability status within the application if they don’t want to accept the new orders.

New request alert

Service provider is notified whenever any of the customers place a new request for online laundry service.

Increase your booking rate

Streamline your service with an app. You can gradually increase your customer booking rates via laundry software.

Attract your customers

Our laundry delivery app software has rich inbuilt features, which attracts more your customers.

Customer retention

You not only increase the customer ratio but also increase bring repeat customers to your laundry business.

Instant notification

Service provider can finish your services the instant notification will sent to the customers after process to payment.

Feature for delivery staff in our online laundry delivery software

Delivery staff profile

Enable the delivery staff to register themselves with social media account to further get access to the software.

Daily delivery sheet

Enables them to get an idea about the orders of a certain products as mentioned by the customers with assigned paths.


Delivery staff can delivered successfully to the correct customers address and name the notification sent to the admin.

Optimized routes

Delivery staff can optimized & shortest routes helps your service providers to manage multiple deliveries

Delivery details

Customer delivery details are provided with the customer name, contact number and address, etc.

Order information

Delivery staff also pick up incoming orders, and each order can have brief information about the delivery time and date

Technologies used in online laundry delivery software

  • HTML5
  • Boostrap
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Yii1.5
  • Java
  • Object C

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