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Free installation

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100% Source code

Matrimic is the best matrimonial website script provider in the market and provide the complete matrimony android, iOS,Web apps source code.

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  • User register the matrimonial website

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  • Admin approve to the user

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  • Search user profile

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  • User can interact with each other

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Admin panel features of our field service management software

Admin dashboard

Admin can register and login their username and password. Admin can manage and monitor all the field service system in single dashboard.

Manage multiple vendor

Admin can manage and monitor the list of multiple vendors/field service providers can edit, add, and delete them.

Manage multiple booking

Admin can easily manage the multiple field service management via software. This help admin to simultaneously handle customer online.

Service management

Admin can manage the list of field service that taking for multiple vendors while service for the customers.

Manage customers

Admin can manage the customer data, customer’s reviews, and etc. all under our field service management software.

Content management

Admin can easily manage and modify the static content of the web page and the additional features of field service app.

Track all employee status

Admin can manage and monitor the all employee work status and their next assigned tasks with our service software.

Easy billing

With our field service management software, the billing of the field service can be automated and copy of the bill can be sent to mail and phone.

Review management

Admin can view a list of customers reviews that were delete and given the customer if they find it appropriate.

Field service management software is best choice for your company to Manage.
Optimize the business operation activities performed by field based workers.
You can schedule new jobs to your staff and communicate in real time with them
With our field service scheduling software.
Our field service management software will automatically assign new jobs based. PHP matrimonial script
Nectareon offers a complete end to end solution for the field service industry based on the needs.
We offers exact solution for different field service businesses
Such as health care industry, home service, training session, delivery service, construction and maintenance, etc.
We do full customize as per your scope of matrimonial business
Ideas and create incredibly responsive and innovative websites.
The major technologies have been used in our matrimonial script
PHP open source, Android SDK, Swift Object-C SDK all
The dependencies of development with flutter technologies - Google.
We do integrate one of the best themes and payment
Integration with maintenance support on time.

Customer panel features of our field service scheduling software

Customer login

Customer can easily register and login to our field service management software with details of customer name, address, contact number etc.

Search required service

All the registered customer search the required field service such as home service, delivery service, and health care industry, etc.

Booking confirmation

Once the customer service booking is confirmed, a confirmation notification is sent to the customers with our field service software.

Schedule & book

Customers can schedule the date for field service booking as per their choice in prior also via field service scheduling software.

Payment gateway

Our field service management app supports multiple payment systems. Your customers can pay via field service software.

Online service booking

Customers can book the needed field service online anytime and anywhere via our field service management software system.

Quick notification

Admin gets quick notification via message in our field service management app on customer booking service request.

Track the process

Customer can track the progress of their service in the customer front end panel. The status updated as started/in process/ finished.

Customer ratings

Your customer can provide rating and reviews based on the service done by the admin via field service management software.

Vendor panel of our field service software system

Vendor login

All the vendors can easily register and login using social media accounts like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Account verification

Customer can login to the website or app before all the vendors/service provider will have to be verified by the admin.

Vendor accept/reject request

Vendors can accept or reject the field service request from the customers based on their employee’s availability.

Instant notification

Employee can finish the service of the customer request instant notification will sent to the customers after process to pay online.

Attract your customer

Our field service scheduling & management software has rich inbuilt features, which attracts your customers.

Notification and emails

Vendors can receive the notification and emails regarding the field service requests from the customers.

Smart assignment

Vendor can assign the new job to the next available staff based on their skill sets and location distance.

Quote & invoice

Vendor can generate the quote & invoice in our field service software. Invoice can be generate and mailed via software itself.

Customer retention

You not only increase the customer ratio but also can bring repeat customer to your field service business.

Nectareon offers a software script for your matrimonial business,
Hence you can customize it because of opensource software.
We provide a common platform for bride and groom meet at
One place in matrimonial website and mobile app.
Our dedicated team is ready to setup our PHP matrimonial script
On your desired hosting servers, and android, iOS, apps also.
More else you can get the complete source code from us
For android, ios, website for your matrimonial script.
We do full customize as per your scope of matrimonial business
Ideas and create incredibly responsive and innovative websites.
The major technologies have been used in our matrimonial script
PHP open source, Android SDK, Swift Object-C SDK all
The dependencies of development with flutter technologies - Google.
We do integrate one of the best themes and payment
Integration with maintenance support on time.

Employee panel features of our field service management software

Service details

Customer service details are provided with the customer name, address and contact numbers, etc.

Accept/reject request

Employee can either accept or reject the service request from the vendors or admin based on their work.

Service history

Employee can view the complete previous service history with our field service management software.

Service notification

Employee finish the service and update the field service software, notification will sent to the admin/vendor.

Field service information

Each service order can have brief information about the service date and time for whom he has to deliver the service.

Technologies used in Field service software

  • HTML5
  • Boostrap
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Yii1.5
  • Java
  • Object C

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PHP Field service scheduling Software FAQs

Yes, You will be assigned one license to the source code which is given to you and also you can copy the code to your business. But if we support by finding the license on the code for the client.


The mobile app is fastest-growing market, and businesses are improving their sales, brand awareness, customer loyalty. So, it becomes essential to launch your own business apps.

Food ordering apps primarily make money through Premium advertisement services for restaurants, 3rd party ad services, Google Adsense, commissions on order from restaurants and Facebook Ads can also bring in additional revenue.

Yes, We do customized Food Delivery App Solutions.

The total cost to develop an online food ordering or delivery app depends upon your choice of platform like iPhone or Android & type of features you want to include and third party integrations if any. Request a quote here.

When you choose the Readymade Food Ordering App solution, it saves time and reduces the cost. We have readymade script based on the Zomato, Swiggy and UberEats clone.

If you buy a script from us, you will have free support for 2 months. If you subscribe to our monthly subscription plan, you will be supported as long as per subscription.

We have ready-made software. If you are not looking for any unique or customised features, we can deliver the solution within 7 working days. This time is required to set-up the apps with your specific brand and publish them on the app store and play store.

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