On-Demand Fuel Order Management And Delivery Software

Solve the fuel station issues by bringing fuel directly to the customers so they avoid the petrol pump with the help of fuel delivery app.

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Online Fuel Delivery Management Software Solutions

Nectareon offers on-demand fuel delivery management solutions as it unlocks countless fuel opportunities for both fuel delivery entrepreneurs and fuel station owners. Our online fuel ordering and delivery software, which can seamlessly integrate into the system. We have complete fuel management software to automate your fuel business to reduce your manual work and increase your revenue.

We provide on-demand fuel delivery management software and is the perfect match for all the entrepreneurs who have delivered the fuel to their customer’s doorsteps.

Fuel station owner: Our fuel order management software ensures the demand of your customers who run out of fuel or the ones who don’t like waiting in the long queues in fuel stations.

Fuel delivery aggregators: Launch your fuel delivery business like uber platform with our on-demand fuel management software that allows the fuel and gas retailers and suppliers to meet with the customers.

Oil & Gas companies: Expand your online fuel distribution business by adopting an on-demand fuel delivery app that can supply fuel to the fuel station and the customers.

How Does Work Our Fuel Delivery Management Software?

  • Search The Nearest Fuel Delivery Service

    Customer can search by location which fuel delivery service provider is near to their location.

  • Make An Order Through Website/Apps

    The order placed by customer which will be received by the concerned fuel service provider.

  • Order Confirmation By Fuel Service Provider

    An acknowledgement of the fuel order takeaway is given to the customers and he/she is informed of the expected time of delivery of the fuel.

  • Delivers The Fuel To Customers By Delivery Staff

    The order of fuel is delivered to the address given by the service provider. Once the delivery staff delivers the fuel, E-signature is received from the customers and notification is sent to fuel station.

Why Choose Our On-Demand Fuel Order Management Software?

Free installation

The fuel ordering app can be seamlessly installed and set up to your system. Allow you to manage the complete software.


Our readymade fuel ordering software can be easily customizable according to your business needs.

Your own brand

You get the fuel ordering software in your own brand name and logo. Also get design and themes of your choices.

On-demand service

Nectareon is very suitable for any on-demand services like food, grocery, flower, sweet and pizza etc.

Feature Of Our Fuel Delivery Management System For Admin Panel

Admin Dashboard

Admin can view the total number of registered customers & corporate, fuel quantity delivered, revenue, etc.

Track Deliveries

Admin can track all the fuel deliveries with real-time location tracking features of fuel delivery app.

Manage Drivers

Admin can manage and add drivers by adding driver details, allocating them with delivery regions, assigning vehicle, etc.

Manage Fuel Trucks

Admin can manage and add fuel trucks by adding details like its fuel type, maximum capacity, prices, etc.

Manage Payments

Admin can manage payments by monitoring and reviewing all the invoice of its customers and corporates.

Manage Fuel Types And Prices.

Admin can add and manage prices of different types of fuel like petrol, diesel, aviation fuel, etc.

Manage Customers

Our dynamic and robust admin panel allows you to manage all your customer’s queries in single dashboard.

Route Management

Admin can analyze and manage the routes for the delivery staff and they can highlight the specifications.

Set Service Rate

Admin has the authority to set the service rate with other details like price and other details through dashboard.

Features Of Our Fuel Truck Delivery Software For Customer App

Track Delivery Staff

Customers can track their delivery staff to known the status of their orders with real-time location tracking.

Scheduled Orders

Customers can schedule their fuel delivery order by selecting the date and available time slots.

Multiple Modes Of Payment

Customers can pay via multiple payment modes like wallet, account details, visa or MasterCard.

Instant Fuel Refill

Customers can instantly refuel their car, boat and generator by ordering fuel delivery from the customer app.

Promo & Referral Code

Customers can receive discounts from promo codes and by referring the service to their friends via referral code.

Digital Invoice

Once the fuelling is completed, the customer receives a digital invoice in their email address.

Set Destination

Customer can set the delivery destination through the app. they can set manually or Google map as possible.

Check Fuel Station Details

Customer can check the fuel station details before placing an order from a particular area via app.

Filter Support

Customer can apply a filter to list fuel station according to price, delivery time, quality, etc. using filter.

Effective Feature Of Our Fuel Delivery Software For Fuel Station/Vendor Panel

Vendor Dashboard

The vendor can view multiple analytics of fuel orders, vehicles, and employees with our fuel delivery app.

Manage Payments

Vendor also manage the payments of delivery staff by making weekly and monthly after receiving the invoice.

Manage Employee

Vendor can manage their employee profiles by adding details like employee name, vehicle details, etc.

Multi-Language Support

Vendor enable to multi-language support for their customers to engage your site to order fuel online.

Setting Option

Vendor are offered with advanced setting features using which they can set and manage delivery charge.


With this special features enable the vendors, customer can find the nearest fuel delivery service provider.

Otp Verification

The vendor and customer alike can authenticate account via SMS notification sent their registered numbers.

Accept/Reject Request

Based on the availability, vendor can accept/reject the orders from the customers in our fuel delivery app.

Set Cancellation Charge

If incase customer cancel their orders via online the vendors can set cancellation charge in the app.

Features Of Our Fuel Truck Delivery Software For Delivery Staff

Delivery Staff Dashboard

Delivery staff can view the amount of fuel in the tank along with the list of all the orders with their respective time slot.

In-App Navigation

Delivery staff can navigate with high accuracy, preciseness and speed with help of the in-app navigation system.

Manage Availability

Delivery staff can manage their availability by switching their status between online and offline.

Request For a Truck Refill

The delivery staff can request for his truck refill to admin once he gets the notification of low fuel quantity on his dashboard.

Enter Fuel Details

Delivery staff enter the fuel quantity in the app along with clicking the photo of the meter that show quantity of fuel.

Review Order Details

Delivery boy can view all the necessary order details the type of vehicle, type of fuel and fuel quantity, etc.

Technologies used in Fuel ordering and delivery software

  • HTML5
  • Boostrap
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Yii1.5
  • Java
  • Object C

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