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Solution we provide for your online car service booking business

Nectareon offers an on-demand car service booking software online. This software specially designed for automotive mechanical repair workshops. We provide a completed end to end online car service booking solution to promote your online business. Our online car service booking system offers a real time booking software to increase your customer booking, create good customer relationships and manage your overall services booking process. Such a car service booking system make sure security, convenience, easy and transparent booking software.

We are ready to build a perfect car service booking software script to empower your customers to schedule their appointment 24/7. Our customized car service booking software is suitable for any other business services. We have excellent inbuilt features, letting you mark appointments as complete to alert your client that their vehicle ready for pick. With our online car service booking software system you can easily manage the booking, payments, vehicle service, etc.

Are you a small, big or enterprise business? Our car service booking system help you to increase the customer booking conversion rate. Are you looking for customized car service booking software system? Contact us for more details. Also our online car service booking system lets you generate quick reports and statistical data anytime from anywhere in the global. Our online car service booking software solution support for single and multiple service business.

How the online car service booking software work?

  • Search the workshop

    Customers look for the suitable service in your online car service booking app.

  • Car service booking

    Customers book the service needed and provide details such as car number, customer name, location, contact number, etc.

  • Request accept/reject

    The customer service booking request is sent to the workshop owner. Then accept or reject the service booking by the workshop owner.

  • Service booking conformation

    Once the booking is accepted by the workshop owner, a conformation is sent to the customer on arrival of the service operator.

  • Ready for pick up and payment

    Once the service is done. An alert is send to the customer as ready for pick up. Customer payment can done either online or COD.

Why choose our online car service booking platform?

Free installation

The care service booking app can be seamlessly installed and set up to your system. Allow you to manage the complete software.


Our online car service booking software can be easily customizable according to your online business needs.

Your own brand

You get the car service booking system in your own brand name and logo. Also get design and themes of your choices.

On-demand service

Car service booking system is very much suitable for any on-demand services like grocery, medicine, flower, etc.

For our online car service booking software for admin panel

Admin dashboard

Admin can register and login their own username and password. Admin can monitor and manage all the car service system in single dashboard.

Manage multiple booking

Admin can easily manage multiple online car service booking via booking software. This helps admin to simultaneously handle customer online.

Easy billing

With our online car service booking software, the billing of the car service can be automated and copy of the bill can be sent to mail and phone.

Track all customer status

Admin can manage and monitor the customer’s car booking service dates, service delivery dates and work progress status.

Multiple vendor management

Admin can manage and monitor the list of multiple vendors/multiple workshops owners and edit/ add/ delete them.

All in one booking solution

Not only service booking, admin can manage the customer data, car details, customer reviews, and etc. all under our online car service booking system.

Vehicle management

Admin can manage the list of model and brand vehicles that taking for multiple vendors while service from the customer.

Content management

Admin can easily manage and modify the static content of the web page and the additional features of car service booking app.

Review management

Admin can view a list of customers reviews that were delete and given the customer if they find it appropriate.

Features of our mechanics dispatching software for customer panel

Online booking

Customers can book for car service online anytime from anywhere via our online car service booking software system.

Booking confirm

Once the customer booking is confirmed, a confirmation notification is sent to the customers with our car service booking software script.

Track the process

Customer can track the progress of their service in the customer front end panel. The status is updated as started/in progress/finished.

Quick notification

Admin gets quick notification via message in our online car service booking software app on customer booking service request.


A reminder/alert can be set in our online car service booking system for admin to start the service work provided by the customer.

Payment gateway

Our car service booking app software supports multiple payment systems. Your customers can pay via online car service booking software.

Customer ratings

Your customers can provide ratings and reviews based on the service done by the admin via online car service booking software.

Schedule & book

Customers can schedule the date for service booking as per their choice in prior also via online car service booking system.


A quick report can be generated by the admin on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis on the customer service order request.

For our online car service booking software system for vendor panel

Vendor login

Vendors/ workshop owners can easily register/login using social media accounts like Google and Facebook.

Account verification

Customer can login to the website, or app before all the vendors/workshop owners will have to be verified by the admin.

Notification and emails

Vendors/workshop owners can receive notification and emails regarding the car service requests on the car owners.

Vendor accept/reject request

Vendors/workshop owner can accept/reject the car service request from the customers based on their employee availability.

Instant notification

Vendors can finish the services of the vehicles instant notification will sent to the customers after process to pay online.

Attract your customers

Our online car service booking software has rich inbuilt features, which attracts your customers. You can also gain repeat customers via software.

Increase your booking rate

Streamline your service with an app. You can gradually increase your customer booking rates via car service booking software system.

Schedule & book

Make it easy for your customers to view the calendar. Schedule for the appointment and book for the service online via car service booking app.

Customer retention

You not only increase the customer ratio but also can bring repeat customers to your business. Let your customers repeatedly book for car service online.

Features for Delivery panel medicine delivery software

Delivery details

Customer delivery details are provided with the customer name, contact number and address, etc.

Reject/accept orders

Delivery staff can either reject/accept the order request sent from vendor or admin.

Delivery history

Delivery staff can view the complete previous delivery history.

Order Information

Each order can have brief information about the delivery time and place for whom he has to delivery and it can be viewed by him.

Order history

Delivery staff can view the complete previous delivery history.

On Duty

Delivery staff can view the complete previous delivery history.

Technologies used in Online Car Service Software

  • HTML5
  • Boostrap
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Yii1.5
  • Java
  • Object C

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