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Well-Built Online Food Ordering App Like Freshmenu, Grubhub

Freshmenu, GrubHub clone is an on-demand online food ordering and delivery services platform. Are you looking for an online food delivery app like GrubHub, Freshmenu, FoodPanda for your own restaurants? Now it’s possible to launch your own grubhub clone app instantly. Connect with nectareon get started to receive online food orders within a few hours with our readymade GrubHub clone app. You can create a unique and strong presence after launching your own GrubHub food delivery app.

With our white-label online GrubhHb clone app to enter the food delivery industry in less time, which can be fully customizable as per your business needs. With the nectareon GrubHub, Freshmenu clone script designed to develop your dream food delivery business with lifetime support.

How the food ordering system works ?

  • Placing order through mobile app/web

    Customers can order the recipes from their favourite restaurants through food ordering system app or website.

  • Order received by restaurant through web/app developed by foodtro

    The order placed by customer which will be received by the concerned restaurant.

  • Order confimration for customer

    An acknowledgment of the food order takeaway is given to the customer, and he or she is informed of the expected time of delivery of the recipe.

  • Preparing the order by the restaurant

    The further steps are being taken to prepare the order and get it ready with perfection for the final consumption by the respective customer.

  • Assigning orders to delivery staff by restaurant

    Delivery staff gets new order notification from restaurant to deliver the food to the concerned customer's place. The delivery staff updates the status to the restaurant as well as customers.

  • Delivers the food to customers by Delivery staff

    The order is delivered to the address given by the restaurant. Once the delivery staff delivers the food, E-signature is received from customers and notification is sent to restaurant.

Why choose our food ordering & delivery script?

Free installation

The food ordering app can be seamlessly installed and set up to your system. Allow you to manage the complete system.


Our readymade food ordering script can be easily customizable according to your business needs.

Your own brand

You get the online ordering system in your own brand name and logo. Also get design and themes of your choices.

On-demand service

Foodtro is very much suitable for any on-demand services like grocery, sweets & cakes, pizza, flower, etc..

Features for Administrator in web application

Admin Control Panel

Admin Panel or Control Panel, is the interface where administrators with appropriate privileges can manipulate.

Manage Cuisines

The admin can manage the different type of cuisines which can be used for restaurants to avail while the add the item on their panel.

Manage Ingredients

The ingredients for the item can be managed by admin and it will use by restaurants users while adding the item on their panel.

Manage Category

The main group can be fixed such as food and its sub group can be managed by admin and it will use for adding up new item from restaurant panel.

Manage Restuarants

All restaurants can be approved by admin and it will be managed its transactions, items, reports, reviews, orders on their admin panel.

Manage Customers

All customer can be monitored by admin and each customer can its own panel to update their information at their portal which can be managed by admin too.

CMS Page

The content management pages can be used for terms, about us, disclaimer, etc. All pages can be managed by admin and it can be displayed with approval of admin.

General Setting

General settings are being updated by admin for entire site and it can have such as min order, preorder,restaurants type,timings, restaurant address etc.

Manage Items

All items can be managed by admin where the restaurants added the newly items such as edit, delete. Items can be refered as menu of food.

Features for Restaurant in web and mobile application

Manage Items

Items can be managed by restaurant which have owned. Item has add ons & it can be mapped by each items which are applicable.

Manage Ingredients Type

Single vendor features can have option to add item Ingredients types and Ingredients. Mulitvendor can use the admin created one.

Manage Payments

Restaurants cab use the payment gateway which even they wants to display on checkout for their customers only.

Manage Orders

Each orders of the corresponding restaurant can be considered with status and it can be took place next process.

Manage Reviews

Each restaurants can have options to have reviews from customers once they have taken place the orders & its services.

Assign Delivery Staff

Once placed order by customer then action can be taken by restaurant against on order and can be assigned to delivery staff.

Order Notification

Once order placed the acknowledgment sent to restaurant app and also customer can have acknowledgement if order accepted.

Order Management

Each order can be decided with their status by the restaurants and customer can have option to cancel the pre-prepared orders.


Each restaurant have option for setting such as their opening and closing time of service and min order, delivery charges,etc.

Features for Customer in both web and mobile application

Customer Sign Up

Customer can sign up via mobile app or website. Each customer can have privileges to update their address & information.

Choose Delivery Type

While checkout customer can have feature for selecting delivery type for the order and it can be such as pickup/delivery.

Search Restaurant By Location

Customer can search the restaurant near by his location or desired location which he prefer while ordering.

Filter Options

Customer can have filters option over menu listed on the page. He can also filter menus by various cuisines, categories etc.

Order History

Customer can have feature to track their all past orders on his account transaction/order history which have dates,amount etc.

Payment Option - COD / Online

Customers can use option at the time of checkout for order they can choose cash on delivery or online payment which is offered.


Once order placed the acknowledgment sent to customer via app & email. Customer can have notification till order delivered.

My Orders

Customer can have feature to track their all past orders on his account transaction/order history which have dates,amount etc.

Reviews / Favourites

Customer can have feature to review about the order or recipe or services against the restaurant and also favorite for future.

Features for delivery app in mobile application

Delivery App Login

Driver/delivery staff can have login feature for accessing their orders and it can be created by each restaurants.

Assigned Orders

The orders will be sent to driver then he has to accept the order if he accepted at once the order consider as assigned.

My Profile

Driver can have privileges to update their basic information such as mobile number, email address, address,name etc.

Order Information

Each order can have brief information about the delivery time and place for whom he has to delivery and it can be viewed by him.

Driver Location

Driver location can be fetched by app & can show up on restaurant panel for monitor of the work & may show up on track order too.

Customer Reviews

Customer can review against delivery staff and it can have good reputation for the staff to process the performance.

Technologies used in web and mobile application

  • HTML5
  • Boostrap
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Yii1.5
  • Java
  • Object C

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