How to Build Your Own Seamless Clone App?

For all budding startups out there who like to make object similar to UberEats, Seamless, Deliveroo, and Grubhub, etc. Here is a complete guide to building your own Seamless clone app! Let’s start.

Building pattern for Developing a Food Clone App like Seamless

If you have completed your research already, you may know about the secure business model for profit-making. It’s a favorable effort that can even go to the extent of choosing which restaurants wait in business.

You don’t need to have your own restaurant chains. With resolute calculations to each group/person engaged with the cycle, a dependable functionality is facilitated. Accordingly, with a minor measure of investment, you can ascend to turn into a unicorn organization like Swiggy and Zomato.

The main three key partners for an online food delivery script for restaurants like seamless are:

Restaurants Owner

Platform Owner

Delivery Boys

The Four Major Features of Restaurant Online Ordering Script

1. Allow consumers to navigate easily via nearby restaurants

Online food delivery script market has gotten more competitive. The main necessary feature of Seamless clone app for food delivery is to allow consumers to find nearby restaurants. Consumers can select from collective local restaurants. Although a basic feature is quite normal in white label restaurant software for sale, it’s so necessary.

A simple experience while placing order helps in creating trouble-free choices. Of course, online food ordering script has evolved to turn into the simplest podium for users. In this manner, a user-friendly UberEats Clone appfor your consumers o simply login and search for their favorite food is a must-have feature.

2. Enable consumers to re-order or pre-order their favorites

The other feature is very special. It authorize the Seamless clone app user to re-order or pre-order their favorite dishes. The restaurant menu ordering script shows top favorites and provides consumers the choice to re-order dishes from their order history.

Restaurants online ordering script users can even pre-order dishes prior! Confirmable, it is vital to remain one step earlier of your competitors by offering a greater amount of such progressed features. Try adding more value into your consumer hectic lives.

3. Push notifications

The next crucial feature is push notifications. Alongside giving the simplest method of consumer communication, it acquires your consumers’ loyalty.

Improved App Maintenance Rates & Involvement:

Push notification feature gets click-through ratio and higher view. The seamless Clone App with push notifications have 95% higher maintenance rates and 28% higher open rates.

Get Instant Updates:

In a rush? Your answer is instant notifications on the go. Get notifications of each. (Right from order to delivery).

4. Review and Ratings

The features permits consumer to comfortably review and rate restaurant from where they have gotten food orders. It gives transparency between restaurants and consumers. It’s a chance to enhance the online food delivery script. Additionally, you can give them a high-rating restaurant list to deliver top-notch services.

Must-Have Web-Portal Features of Food Clone App

Web management is under the responsibility of the podium owner. Basically, if you build up a Seamless clone app or online food delivery script for restaurants, you would be responsible for dealing with the web service portal.


1.Admin Log-in

2.Restaurants Management

3.Order Management

4.Application Management

5.Technical payment

6.Payment Management

Delivery App

1.Trip information


3.Route optimization

4.Contact user/restaurant

5.Start and end trip

Consumer App

1.It let you view basic restaurant information like scanned menu, restaurant pictures, location, contact number, user reviews, and ratings.

2.The easy search feature to search nearby cafes, pubs, cuisine and more

3.Easy table booking feature. Also, the user can check in real-time the availability of the tables then make the booking.

4.Multiple and secure payment options like a credit card, debit, Google pay and paytm etc.

5.Consumer can access their order history and reservation history.

6.Share reviews of favorite restaurants and food with their friends and family.

7.Availability 24/7.

8.Food order can be made in advanced.

9.Easy sign-up process, even users can sign up with their social media accounts.

10.User can call the restaurant/driver to give special instructions about their order.

11.With the help of track driver feature, users can track the driver and status of their order.

12.The app allows its users to integrate their social media handle for creating their profiles.

13.The push notification feature allows users to know about their orders.


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