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How does Postmates works? Postmates Business & Revenue model?

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A postmate is an online goods delivery service platform that connects businesses with nearby customers. There is no matter for customers to order what types of items, postmates have got them covered by providing excellent delivery service to the customers preferred destination. Now, postmates have become a brand in the online market for on-demand delivery …

Top 7 Features of Grocery Delivery Management Software


Presently We don’t have time to visit departmental stores for shopping. Nectareon offer the Grocery delivery management software manage your business complicated and appear across the world. Online grocery stores with our readymade online grocery ordering and delivering system for both websites and mobile platforms. Our software is very customizable; you can get full source …

A cost, key features, and the business model of alcohol delivery app development process

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Alcohol delivery app development: Shareholder are raising a toast to triple-digit growth witnessed after online alcohol delivery app development. Not many concept when the lockdown was imposed that alcohol delivery on online would be a huge success. Last one year, the online market matured 10X faster than spirits sales overall. An unprecedented growth was recorded …