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Laundry delivery app

Laundry delivery software has created huge impact from the people just like the on demand food delivery software and grocery delivery software has successful, now as the same track in laundry delivery software. Laundry is one of the main essential needs of everyday life. As the trending of laundry apps grownup one so many startup have invest in this laundry software management. There are some main features are included in this app for customer  to make more efficient and comfortable.

The excellent on demand laundry mobile apps allow users to book their laundry service with in a few clicks. In this world dry cleaning service market is growing and many services provider doing now some retail services.

Are you looking to start your own laundry app, you may to do a lot of things. You first hire laundry app developers for your laundry app development. Before that you must know about the overall cost of the laundry app development. You know some key features are that need to focus while developing your laundry delivery app and let’s know about how laundry delivery software works.

How Does customized Laundry delivery App works?

The laundry app consists of full useful and essential features. The laundry app development can support android as well as iOS devices. Your laundry app have work in the following way:

  • User of your laundry app can be able to register and login themselves
  • According your user convenient allowed to send request for laundry services.
  • Admin received the request and find whether or not requested schedule is suitable.
  • If the service available admin may accepted the request and send the confirmation via text messages as well as mail them.
  • The pickup person will be call the customer.
  • The pickup person collects the clothes for laundry from the customer.
  • The clothes will be delivered successfully after the dry cleaning and ironing.
  • When you develop a laundry app team member, Admin or Laundry Company, pickup person or delivery person and customers. Just like other mobile apps, there are many laundry app features and benefits.

The user has received their laundry service with just one or two clicks by themselves. With your help of mobile laundry app you will get the laundry and dry cleaning services as the owner. Let’s see the important key features of the on demand laundry app.

Key Features of Laundry App

Customer side

Signup– The user can register with their mobile number, ,email Id or social media accounts and short time prefer to signup process. Maintain the user details will be safe and secure.

Service option-The app user can choose the different choices for the different clothes material. For example user may laundry the cotton clothes they choose “Cotton” option and included with some instruction and warning.

Pickup schedule– This option for the customer choose the laundry pickup date,time and their want to door delivery.

Cost– The customer will see the cost after they choose their number of clothes and services. The cost will be depends upon the laundry service changed. Example for, the customer choose laundry for cotton material, during washing and ironing for cotton takes extra care from other fabric.

Favorite laundry man-This is extra feature but customer love it. They can choose the favorite laundry man for their laundry service based on his reviews and rating.

Real time tracking– This is also extra feature for customer. User can track the order using this option and admin will be changed the status so the user can be updated with their orders.

Scheduling-The Laundry app development company must to enable in the laundry app for customer to scheduling their washing, drying and delivery time. Order cancellation- Sometimes customer may be cancel their laundry order so the laundry development company add this features. Once user can cancel the order their received the cancellation notification in the laundry mobile app.

Push notification– Admin can send the notification to user that order placing ,order cancellation, real time tracker.

Customer deals– ‘My offer’ this option for your regular customer and make some festival offer and rewards

Payment gateway– You will need to provide different payment methods to save the customer time. Payment gateways to provide direct access to funds.

Rating and Reviews– After delivery the laundry the customer put rating and review the service with this option and this is also used for choosing the “favorite laundry man”. The laundry app development company can developed the rich app with user friendly features such as cost calculator, time slot change and 24/7 hours service.

Admin Side

Log in– After the user registration process admin can move to dashboard and the laundry app development company can adding passwords and fingerprints for security.

Dashboard– Admin can interact with delivery person and customer . The admin get the data of number of clothes, material, booking data and delivery time, etc

Analytics-This is Admin side app to display real time statistics and you may allow to monitor delivery personal  weekly or monthly basis. Analytics will be used to find the performance of your laundry delivery app.

Reminder– This feature for Admin to remind the date and push the real time tracker notification to the customer. This option helped for admin to plan and complete the task easily.

Laundry app development company also adding the features of instant task evaluation, order accept/reject, and change the management.

Pickup Person side

Registration– Who will be the person picking up the people must registered with simple form and may sign up with their social media account.

Map or Location– This is the important one of the pickup person and it display the exact location of the customer. It will be helped for pickup the customer clothes from the customer location.

Earnings– Using this option pickup man check their earnings and they may display the day to day work and monitor the earnings for their work. Pickup and  Drop- This features used that allow the pickup person to accept pickups and drop requests.

Conclusion Run your laundry business like professional and transform your level from shopkeeper to laundry businessman. Then why wait let’s start your own laundry delivery business with our on demand laundry delivery App.

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