How to build a grubhub clone app for your running a restaurant delivery business?

grubhub clone app

Grubhub Clone App : Grubhub delivery app has been serving Americans with their favorite restaurant food.

Grubhub is an almost two decade’s old food delivery app that has excelled in connecting Americans with their favorite food ordering online and dine-in places.

You must know the features of grubhub food delivery solution because UI and features are the essential aspects for build a grubhub clone app.

And also the time and cost of the application depend mostly on these two elements. Before create a grubhub clone we will discuss the UI and features of grubhub food delivery app for build a perfect clone app.

What is food ordering solution?

A food ordering solution is comprises a complete online food ordering process that includes the three apps and an admin panel for running an online food delivery business. To be exact, any on-demand delivery solution will require a minimum of three apps for marking grubhub clone app run successfully.

When the grubhub food ordering solution also comprises three apps and its effective sync for making the process complete.

Building a grubhub clone app

To build a food delivery application like grubhub clone for your online food delivery solution shall require the following three apps to be designed and developed.

  1. Customer app
  2. Restaurant owner app
  3. Driver app

Customer Application

For the customer side, the delivery app development company must consider the critical customer app features to be designed and developed.

A grubhub clone app development meaning building a similar app for grubhub. Hence your app requires grubhub like features.

The customer app is the soul of the delivery process.

We can term it as the action application because the order action will be recorded by the customer, for asking the restaurant to when deliver the food. Hence from user interface to user experience, the customer online food ordering application development requires a detailed structure and output.

How to hire dedicated team for food delivery app development?

Customer application features

  • Profile setup
  • Browsing restaurants
  • Track orders in real-time
  • Easy reorder
  • Exploring offers and rewards
  • Customize order

When the browse restaurant layout includes restaurant display as per the selected or auto-detected delivery address. It also include filtering the cuisine for having a more specific list.

The food cart is used to shows the items selected for the delivery along with its quantity and price to before the payment. Food cared include a button for adding more items before proceeding with the final checkout. The total price comprises the tax and delivery fees, and it’s mentioned separately for the customer’s reference.

When the customer before moving the final checkout to select tip amount. The other important features of grubhub clone customer app that needs to be precisely designed and developed for your online food ordering and delivery app is tracking order in real-time and easy reorder.

The customer can easily track the real-time status of their ordering food with our real-time tracking food delivery app features.

Hence, the customers stays updated on each movement about their ordered food such as ‘order was confirmed, order getting prepared, order done prepared, order picked up by the delivery boy, order about their deliver, delivery boy near you and order delivered’.

Restaurant application

The restaurant application is a service provider application that takes proper care of fulfilling the customer’s action process by addressing the kitchen staff to start preparing the customer ordered food.

Different features make restaurant food online ordering app development procedure essential such as food delivery toggle button, food items availability button, assigning the driver for picking the food parcel, updating status on the ordered food, etc

The restaurant application can manage the offers and rewards and display it on the main screen of the restaurant because there is no separate admin-panel.

With your food delivery app development company you must consult for building a perfect grubhub clone app that including the restaurant app features that we discuss above. The restaurant application helps the customer to get detailed insights about the delivery status.

Delivery boy or Driver application

En you search for grubhuub clone for drivers in the Google or apple store, you will get a more idea about the feature of grubhub food ordering brands offers to its drivers and delivery boys.

Your food delivery app development company needs to focus on very features offered by grubhub for driver’s app while developing a perfect grubhub clone app.

When the driver can see which orders are ready for pickup and delivery, hence the customer can add orders in the route of delivery address which is an amazing feature.

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