Why Ecommerce Marketplace very famous in UAE?

ecommerce marketplace


Ecommerce marketplace: The contemporary city of Dubai in the UAE, with improbable high rates of Internet penetration, a tech-savvy population, and a solid framework for business, is an ideal location for the start-up or expansion of an E-commerce business.

This online report of ecommerce will take you through the E-commerce marketplace of Dubai and the possible benefits and challenges of establishing an online business in the city. We will address the business environment, trade growth, challenges to association, the state of the mobile market, and projected Dubai E-commerce market growth.

Ecommerce marketplace

Demo-graphical Research

Wherever one plans to launch a business in a intend market, enumeration research is a mandate i.e. population, sex ratio, age etc. As deprived market research viability of a business cannot be tested.

A business plan is created recognize all the factors using needed business tools. In this article, I won’t be commenting on the viability of E-comm but yes if you are planning to launch an E-comm venture you should be aware of total Market share and the lump you want to grab from that.

If we conceive in recent data by GulfNews total population in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman were 5.2 Million in 2014 and as per Govt of Dubai, the population of Dubai alone was 2.48 Million.

You guys can also do your research but I will stick to mine as per below: As of 1st January 2015, the population of United Arab Emirates was compute to be 10.1 million people. This is an increase of 3.08%. Place most active online are Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah amongst other Emirates in UAE.

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Business Atmosphere & Trade

In this section, we will examine the pair the workplace and the large-scale trade of Dubai. We will use information about business consumers and norms of suppression to inform proper conduct while bolster your company into Dubai, and estimate the future growth of the providence and the Dubai market through GDP estimations and scales of imports.

Business Culture of Dubai

Strongly setting up a business in any country requires a knowledge and estimation of the new ecommerce business environment. Business practices in Dubai can vary broadly from those known in the United States as well as from other Middle Eastern countries. We will rapidly address the most important belief of conducting business in Dubai – talking about differences and comparison between this city and the United States in terms of reception, calendars, work habits, and cruise of clerical norms and inter-gender relationships.

Internet Penetration

The UAE is one of the most well-connected countries in the Middle East and GCC, with around a 98.4% internet penetration rate in 2018. This rate is outmatch in the region only by Bahrain and Qatar. This number demonstrate both the Emirati population and the migrant workers, telling us that over 9.4 million people in the UAE are currently Internet users. The penetration rate has grown greatly from 2000. In 2020, the UAE had 9.7 million active accounts on social media. These statistics reflect the adoration of the Internet in Dubai and the UAE and growing reliance on it for business and social connectivity.

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