What are the features and cost of online medicine delivery app like Uber?

online medicine delivery app

Online medicine delivery app for uber a profitable business opportunity:

The global online medicine delivery platform was estimated to be 29 billion U.S. dollars in 2015. It is forecasted that the online medicine delivery platform will grow around to reach 130 billion dollars by 2023. We can infer from the statistic that online pharmacy market for on-demand medicine delivery will increase with time. Thus, resulting in the growth of the online pharmacy market size.

How a mobile app is beneficial to your online medicine delivery app business?

If you have start an online pharmacy delivery business, a mobile app like uber plays an important role to grow your online pharmacy business.

Benefits of mobile app

  1. Direct marketing to customers – The mobile app helps business person to market their own brand directly reach to customers.
  2. Increase brand visibility – The mobile app improves your online pharmacy brand visibility to customers.
  3. A source of income – The online delivery platform allows pharmacy stores to earn an income by increasing pharmacy brand visibility and reaching more customers online.
  4. Convenience – The mobile app is seamless and convenient for customers to order their medicines online.

The basic components of Uber for online medicine delivery app

In the Uber for medicine delivery platform have three major panels – User panel, Admin panel, Store panel.

The online pharmacy delivery app have four user groups – Customer, Delivery boy, Pharmacy store, and the business owner.

Feature list of medicine delivery app The medicine delivery app experts make it a point to offer you the best solutions that can help you earn a great name in the market.

online medicine delivery app

User panel

User signup: The users can login with aid of social networking account or the email account credentials.

Search medicine: Users can search for they wanted medicines in search box is very convenient way.

Add to cart: Pharmacy app development experts can add the medicines list to the cart.

Upload prescriptions: Users can upload the doctor prescriptions and he can order medicines is correct way.

Ask expert: The users can discuss with the doctors and nutritionists to take various medicine for related health problem.

Blog:Medication-related news, all the pharmacy researches and the articles associated with the latest fitness trends are posted by the website and viewed by the users.

Track your order: Live tracking option is used to user can check the status of their orders. User can analyze whether their request had been processed, out of delivery or still bending.

Return policy:Users can return the medicines because this medicine is not right according to their requirements. They can even ask to refund the amount associated with their orders.

Loyalty points: Users get the loyalty points and rewards for successful referral.

Push notifications: The push notifications are send to the users related to order conformation, trending fitness products, and discounts the payments.

Assured quality products: Pharmacy delivery app development experts make sure users are kept ensured that they will driver with just the right quality products.

Make payments: User conform their orders after make payments through various integrated payment methods like credit/debit cards, eWallet, etc. in a convenient way.

Store panel

Register: Similar to the user panel, the aggregator can log in with his own social network or email account credentials.

Manage user information: Pharmacy app developers add features where the dealers manage user information of the contact details, email id and other details.

Manage product details: Admin can manage the all details related to the products like chemical composition, nutritional information, benefits, etc.

List and manage their products: The pharmacy store can enlist their products as per their convenience. All the product listing and their associated categories are managed by the concerned store.

Order management: Store panel are managed by all the orders that are captured and so the provision is made for meeting the user request.

Manage delivery and shipment:Store owner can manage all the deliveries by medicine delivery app. The shipment parties that are linked with the store are solely responsible for making the deliveries based on the drop-off location.

Show similar products: Based on the users search, the pharmacy store can display all the related products as well.

In-app communication: Users can communicate with the store owner about the health products in the event of any query.

Manage discounts: All the coupon codes, discounts, offers, etc are managed by the service providers to grab user attention.

Manage prices: The price of all its displaced products managed by pharmacy store panel. It can decrease or increase the rates as per the market norms.

Rating and reviews: The store can view the rating and reviews provided by the users for the products they have purchased.

Admin panel


The entire incoming requests are verified by admin. He manage and take care of the provisions for meeting the pending request and manages the date of deliveries as well.


Admin can manage all the subscription packages, in-app purchases and the other payments transactions incurred within the medicine delivery app.

Manage users and aggregators:

Admin can manage all the users are registered with the medicine delivery app. All the information related to the manufactures.

Marketing tools:

Admin can manage all the promotional email templates, campaigning activities and advertising.

Manage notification:

All the notification related to the products, updates in the cart and their availability information are redirected to the users by the admin.


All the product related with the several order captured, user acquisition, regions with the most deliveries, the group of medicines and health products availed, etc can be rolled out in the form of charts for making productive business decisions.

Manage payment:

Admin can verify the payments that have been made by users via in-app payment models.

Cost of developing a medicine delivery mobile app

One can hire an online medicine delivery app developer in India. Calculating the pharmacy delivery app cost is a tedious task reason being it depends on some factors like the several features increases, development platforms, the number of hours invested, and the app development region selected.

However, the cost of developing a mobile app depends on the physical location of the development partner as well. For instance, US-based App Developing firms take around $40-$250/hours, for Western Europe and Eastern Europe the app developing charges may vary from $50-$170 and $20-$150 respectively.


These features are is going to be a good online medicine delivery app like uber. The pharmacy market is growing and is having great potential. Our online medicine delivery software used to promote your offline pharmacy store to online business.

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