Udemy Clone App: Best E-learning Platform In 2022

Udemy clone

Udemy Clone: Education is one of the most important parts of every life in the world. Education system is a traditional system alternatively no ever-growing popular for online education. This online education is a new to distance learning which is performed in the place of online.

At 2019, world people are affected by COVID, so the government taken action to close schools and colleges. In this pandemic situation people are understood the importance of online education.

Udemy clone is friendly e-learning software that helps entrepreneurs and startups to build a robust e-learning marketplace capable of holding extensive online resource in few hours.

How to best udemy clone for e-learning system?

Udemy is one of the best online learning platforms developed in May 2010. As of now, the udemy clone script platform has more than 300 million courses, for 5o million students, 60 thousand instructors. Udemy has instructor and students in more than 200+ countries in the global.

Udemy clone

Mainly students are sign up for udemy site/app to learn latest technologies and for improving their knowledge. Students are acknowledged with an udemy online certification after the successful completion of an udemy course. This certificate very helpful while searching for jobs in any business domain. The success of udemy has certainly inspired a lot of startups to start a business like udemy.

The Best udemy clone script

One of the best udemy clone script is EduStar is the latest trends and features of online e-learning platforms.

Nowadays “Education without leaving home” has become more comfortable and efficient than the “Traditional Board & Chalk” method. Live virtual classroom are now succeeding in the Ed-Tech global. Hence, that defines being the root cause behind the success of udemy clone. This e-learning software tends to provide high quality and standard services at reasonable prices to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Some of the unique features of our udemy clone script

  • Promo Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Download Lectures
  • Course completion certificates
  • Question and answers
  • Multiple languages
  • My courses

Udemy clone

Promo Videos

We have added this feature in our products to hit more audience because we all know that visual ads can reach more users. It facilitates adding and managing promo videos.


Grading after learning a topic can be the best way to get to know the depths of knowledge received. We provide quizzes after every lecture to give students feel confident in every particular topic.

Download Lectures

Once listening the lecture it’s not possible to get familiar with a topic and so recalling these lectures is necessary. This feature permit the downloading of lessons so that videos can retrieve in the future without being online.

Course completion certificates

After the completion of the course, students will be recognized with the course completion certificates.

Question and answers

The course instructor can offer a quiz to the students after completion of each section in the course. It helps the student to learn completely.

Multiple languages

EduStar is available in multiple languages. Languages customization as per client need is also possible.

My courses

It is a section that lists all the bought courses of a corresponding student.

How to develop an udemy website?

Now you want to know the few steps about develop the udemy clone app. To give things easy to understand

  • Application model
  • Revenue system
  • Development
  • Features & functions

Udemy clone

Application model

The primarily thing in developing the application is setting the idea and functions. You can select anything from a range of academic or want to create the convenient courses also it want to recommend the new skill-based courses.

Revenue system

In your app, you have determined your function and the time of deciding how you are going to earn the revenue in the project.


Every development system has a readymade script to develop the app with related to the most famous websites. If you are searching for udemy clone app, all you requirement is to buy the best clone script to develop the app based on your budget and needs.

Features and function

In this udemy clone app, the most crucial part of developing an app process. Your E-learning app must have the basic effective features that are required.

List of some effective features of udemy clone

Udemy clone

Easy registration

This option allows the users to register the app in a simply way and includes very few steps.


In this section, the courses are uploaded and displayed based on the categories wises. This option gives more convenient for the students and instructor. With help of category selection students are filtering their preferred course easily.

Different courses

The main thing that aim on while developing the app is offering a large different of courses from various categories and prices. This option will help the students to learn a lot of knowledge in a single click.

Paid Courses

This model works on the function of paying a few amounts for certain courses to learn what you want to know. Not all the courses are free. A few courses are one specification need to pay few amounts. This way user does pay few amounts and this model is economical too.


You might have skill of udemy clone script and the step to develop the app. It would be the best investment idea for developing your business planning. And it will help the student to acquire their skill and achieve their goal in the future.

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