Swiggy clone script – promote your food ordering and delivery business

Swiggy clone script

Swiggy clone script : Restaurant business is blooming these days. Swiggy clone app is one of the most famous versatile apps used by many people. When the swiggy clone app script used to promote your open source restaurant online ordering and delivery business, and to create own delivery app.

  • Swiggy clone app script is one of the fastest growing food delivery platforms.
  • Swiggy clone app has more satisfaction and convenience to the customers.

What is Swiggy clone script?

Swiggy clone script is a customizable on-demand food delivery solution for your online restaurant business. Our food delivery app like swiggy clone is available in the web app as well as in iOS and Android. The structure of swiggy clone app is similar to other food delivery app but feature is different. 

Provide solution like swiggy app script

Foodtro offered clear-out solutions for restaurants and thus result is anywhere anytime online system enjoyed your customers. Overall, if any company online order has to be improved. When the customers, they want to convenient time they can select the item. Reduce of effort in going to the restaurant because explore most things in the online shopping world just by using your fingers. 

Foodtro provide a readymade swiggy clone script for your online restaurant ordering food and delivery business, and to build your own delivery app like swiggy clone app. When the clone app support for both android and iOS platform. When the swiggy clone app has a web panel for restaurant, admin panel for the businessman and specific app for the customers and delivery boy.

Features of online food ordering like Swiggy clone script

Location Tracker

When the customer used for food delivery app to track the entire process of from the time of ordering food to delivery time and also keep tack the delivery boy location. When the delivery boy used for food delivery app to track the location of the customer address. In case any if any other problems or customer change the address they can easily communicate through the conversation bar. This feature helps to connect the customer and the delivery boy easily.

Scheduling Order

This feature offer the customer to pre order their food and deliver the food at a mentioned time by the customer. For example, if you are working in company which doesn’t allow you to use mobile phone inside your company. In such case you can pre order your food before entering inside your company when the delivery boy will deliver the food at your office exactly at the right time.

Search Option

Siwggy clone app (online food ordering and delivery platform) used to list out the available number of restaurants in the particular location with their menu of different food items. So you can easily place your order for required and different dishes through this swiggy clone app. When the restaurant announce any discount on the food to will be posted on the panel. Therefore you need not call the restaurant or wait in long queues.

Payment Option

Swiggy app clone supports you to pay customers amount via internet banking, credit cards, wallets, and cash on delivery is available. Customer can select their flexible payment option.

Reviews and Ratings

This feature helps to the new customers to comment based on the service provided by the delivery boy and quality of food delivered. If a customer gives a negative comment restaurant will apologize to the customer and it will quickly sort out the problem, so it’s not repeated again. Otherwise the give positive comment restaurant will be happy. This is most important feature as it is responsible for the fall or rise of the business.

Popular Features of Our Service

When the customer used for our delivery app to monitor the every processing, as well as the delivery stage of the product.

1.Book a table – If you can book a table in advance by mentioning the desired data and time to enjoy your day with your loved one.

2.Google map integration – When the customer can find the exact location of the restaurants easily and quickly.

3.Fax integration – Fax integration improve the response time of the restaurant owner during the delivery or ordering process.

4.GPRS integration – The main concept of GPRS integration to setup a time for delivery orders of the restaurants.

5.Wallet – The online wallet allows customer to restaurant and control their online payment.

6.Deals – Deal of the day also called a daily deal or one day deal or flash sales.

7.Dispatch system – The dispatch system is a procedure for delivery boy or vehicles to customers.

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