Instacart clone – Overview of online grocery delivery software from Bakord

online grocery delivery software

Online grocery delivery software: Each and every people’s needs groceries for their routines life. Even online grocery delivery is a fast-moving platform to get consumed. Nectareon has developed grocery delivery software called Bakord to help all business person and consumers.

We offer the best instacart clone script with excellent feature and money-making aspects. Our instacart clone script has mind storming workflow to have hassle-free earning. We have latest and advanced technologies suit the trends to meet the market expectations.

online grocery delivery software

Every startup and entrepreneur can run a unique business module and get all benefits with our ready-made grocery delivery software. You can customize this online multi vendor grocery delivery software as per you want to lead like a king. Bakord is the best instacart clone script, developed by nectareon considering the possible features which benefit the entrepreneurs. The instacart clone app available on both web and mobile (Android and iOS) platforms. Further, grocery delivery app has a separate panel for the user, driver, and store to enjoy the delivery services. Our Instacart clone script is ready-made software to start an online grocery delivery business instantly.

Features and benefits of our online grocery delivery software

online grocery delivery software

Simplified register / login

We have equipped the most vital feature where we can easily register with the contact number, social media account or email id like Facebook, and Twitter.

Instant push notification

Once the customer places their orders, the store gets an instant push notification. Like that, the customer will get notified accepting orders, driver arrivals, and order status. This instant notification was used for firebase cloud messaging technology.

Store status

The store can change their status by either pause orders or accepting orders. If the store in passed orders, the store will not show for the customer. If the store accepting orders, the store partner will take the orders.    

Live order tracking

The customers, as well as the store, can directly track their order with our live driver location features. It’s one of the greatest options to have secure online grocery delivery services.

Reliable payment option

With our grocery delivery management software, the customers can have a secure payment transaction. We customize as per the client’s desire. We have offline payment or online payment methods in grocery delivery app such as PayPal, or Debit Cards.

Multi language support

To solve the linguistic different between customer and delivery boy, the admin can easily enabled to the multi languages support options to communicate frequently with customers and delivery boy.

Website ordering

Online grocery multi vendor can allow your customers to buy products through a grocery website application. The website grocery ordering is same as for grocery app ordering the products.  

Wallet management

Vendor to view the entire transaction history, check and add credits to the wallet, digital transferring of money in the registered bank account. Admin can decide the commission fees of delivery services provided by delivery boy.

Review & rating

Every delivery service needs to have trustworthy and loyalty statements from the customer to express about the service. In our online grocery ordering and delivery software, the customer can give this rating and review to the store partner for the orders and for the driver to know about the delivery experience.  

Revenues in our online grocery delivery software

Services or booking fee: In our Bakord, admin can receive a commission fee from the store partners on the cost of each item that is ordered by the stores.

Driver commission fee:

The amount that Bakord says it charges their drivers are 25% (admin can be changed driver fees), but it actually takes a little more than that from their earnings. Delivery or convenience fee: Bakord helps the admin to charge a flat delivery fee from its customers for their orders. The delivery charges will vary depending on the eater’s availability and location.

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