How to Promote Your Open Source PHP Classified Business by Using OLX Clone Script?

Olx Clone Script

OLX/Letgo Clone Script : Nowadays Online Classified Business is one of the top trending businesses in the industry. Olx clone script used to start and manage your open source PHP classified business easily though there is a lot of competition.  Because lot of small companies and entrepreneurs running behind a classified business.

To launch your classified website, if you need a solid platform with the latest technologies to support it. Here where Olx clone script can help with this PHP classified website. When the Olx is a top classified ads platform and available in almost 45 countries. Olx clone app script provide top trending features to connect buyers and sellers.

What is Olx Clone Script?

Olx clone script is a PHP classified platform which is similar to Olx. When the Olx design and all the features are available to the Olx clone script. Open source Olx clone script also available in mobile apps and websites. It is useful for entrepreneurs to start their own open source classified business.

Why Olx Clone?

There are a lot of successful PHP classified clone platforms are available in the market like Letgo clone, Craigslist clone, Gumtree clone, BySellAds clone, OfferUp clone. But Olx clone has best users interface and some unique features that makes it app to clone for classified business.

Classified olx clone

“37 billion buyers visiting Olx for product” it’s reported by Olx clone. The Olx clone will be your key towards your success, so you should start a classified website business.

How does Olx Clone Software works?

  • A seller will register with the classified clone platform and upload their product.
  • A buyer logs in to the clone app website and browses for various products on the classified clone platform.
  • The buyer to chat with the seller as he interested in the product.
  • When the both of buyer and seller agree with the deal, the buyer will pay online or offline mode.
  • The product will be delivered to the buyer. 

Win-Win for all:

Using Olx Clone Android and iOS Apps, the seller can sell off things that are not useful them. The buyer can buy second things at a cheap cost of price. Thus it is a win-win situation for all.

olx clone script

PHP Olx Clone Script Revenue model

Google Adsense

Google Adsense integration helps the admin to earn some money through advertising. Lots of relevant ads are shown in the classified platform which helps the admin with monthly recurring earning, through Adsense.

Sponsored Listing

Using a sponsored listing, the seller has the option to move their listing above organic result. The seller can slice some pay to list in the top of the portal with the sponsored listing.


To push you listing to the top of the search result with help of bump option. The seller can sell off their stuff using bump.

Which is the best Olx Clone Script?

Naectareon offers the best Olx Clone Script in the market. We have the best developer team and to provide the best technical support. The technical support is the backbone of the online PHP classified website business. So the pass up from the necatreon offers the required and functionalities in the script.

Offered features are,

  • Advanced filter for seamless search
  • Good message support for communication
  • Multiple signup or login through FB, Gmail & Email
  • Add favorites for future use
  • Multiple products and services category for better navigation
  • Adsense integration option
  • Location based search
  • Multiple free listing options
olx clone app

A single dashboard for the user and a separate dashboard for the admin is accessible because the user and seller can switch from the same account. When the Olx clone script support for both iOS and android apps. Drafted with the better technology stack is more important. So no matter how many products have been listed, on can experience the buffer less loading

olx clone site

Many have a query regarding the complete source code with Olx clone, let me figure this question too. When the package one chose based on we offer the Olx clone source code and our support team highly supports customization.

More than features, we provide other support like server installation, app installation, app rejection support and others for the app to get live in the market. If you feel free then are you interested reach us.

Why to go for Olx Clone Script?

In the marketplace one of the leading scripts is Olx clone script. Olx clone workflow helps us to be a safe player relying in the industry, also it other time consuming work and truncates the research. When the time and research gets sliced then cost consumption also decreases.


Olx clone can bring you a lot of value to your classified website business. But that it’s not enough, we have also customizable classified software available in the market for your open source PHP classified business website needs. You can select from either olx clone script or online classified software whichever suits you. We provide all technical support and post-sales support for olx clone.

Please contact us if you are looking for the olx clone script for your PHP classified business.

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